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If you are seeking to get rid of merchant processing fees and invest the savings back into your business, then cash discount is the best-suited credit card processing program for you. You can now process an unlimited amount of credit card transactions in a single month and still keep your merchant processing fees as low as $50.00 a month. This program works for all business types. With plenty of terminal/POS options such as: WiFi Dejavoo terminal, WiFi/Touch-screen Dejavoo terminal, Wireless/Touch-screen Dejavoo terminal, and the Clover POS, you will never be left out of the technology world again. This program also gives your business the convenience to still accept every card/payment type including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, EMV chip, swipe, and all contactless/mobile payments such as ApplePay and Google Wallet. How does it work? The cash discount option allows you to pass on the processing fees to the customer. JaimePOS has found a way to say goodbye to all interchange fees and invest the savings back into your business. You are no longer obliged to cover the cost for all the different types of credit card reward points, network fees, or interchange fees that always seem to be increasing. This offer is an unbeatable solution to high credit card processing bills, and you'll never have to worry about switching again! JaimePOS is here to offer you and your business options and recommend the best-suited point of sale solution for your business type. So, whether if you're seeking to eliminate your merchant processing fees or simply seeking a fair and affordable merchant processing program, you can rest assure JaimePOS will give you an honest opinion and recommendation. JaimePOS can beat all banks and all other processor rates. JaimePOS has no competition! JaimePOS takes pride in offering unbeatable solutions to all business types. Call us today at 833.767.5433, send us an email at Jaime@JaimePOS.com, or fill out the contact form below. Are you in a hurry and need to be set up within a few days? Then, click on the black-and-white JaimePOS logo below the contact form to get a jump start on the process. We can have you up and running within a week!

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