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EPI’s Unspoken Rate Hikes

Jaime becomes a member of EPI's team in 2010. Signing tons of accounts led to Jaime becoming a partner of Western Solutions in 2015. In January 2016, Western Solutions was expanding and a new office was opened in Las Vegas Nevada at 2235 E Flamingo Road. In 2017, Western Solutions officially closes/splits. Before the split becomes official Jaime and ex-partner from Western Solutions make arrangements to split merchants while at the same time continue to support and address customers’ concerns. The plan was to split all merchants and re-assign the merchants to each individuals portfolio, but Mike Nardy objected since he did not want to assign Jaime his own portfolio – all while the ex-partner had already been setup and assigned his new portfolio. Soon, Jaime finds himself battling with Mike Nardy at EPI for access to Western Solutions portfolios that had been removed or had been limited on information. After several years of attempting to work with Mike Nardy at Electronic Payments Inc., it became clear that Mike Nardy had no intentions of working fairly with Jaime and that the impartial treatment would continue to go on.

02/23/2017 Jaime receives notice from Mike Nardy at EPI that the account for JaimePOS is at a stance and was rethinking his go-ahead strategy with Jaime. Mike Nardy was not looking to work with Jaime even though there was never a reason to exclude or not approve Jaime as an individual agent/ISO. Oddly, the ex-half/ex-partner from Western Solutions had no problem setting up his own individual agent/ISO account and by this point had already been approved, setup, and even allowed to submit new accounts, while Jaime is kept at a stance.

05/12/2017 Jaime receives Rate Hike letter notification via email, from ex-business partner from Western Solutions. Jaime was supposed to have FULL access to this letter on ISO interface as well as FULL access to merchants’ accounts and profiles that he had always had access to prior to the split, but access was now restricted for Jaime and full access was only granted to the other half of Western Solutions.

05/13/2017 Jaime informs ex-partner that he is willing to go through the list of accounts only if he is granted full access to ISO interface as well. Jaime was never given that opportunity. Access to the interface, if any, was always limited, and was continuously threatened to lose his income if he spoke up. Jaime at no time agreed to any rate hikes.

05/13/2017 Jaime receives text from ex-partner confirming the unfair treatment Jaime has to undergo with Mike Nardy at EPI. “I let you in, not shut you out. I included you, not excluded you yet I have to hear about your situation with EPI. I didn’t create your situation with Mike.”

08/25/2017 Jaime becomes fully aware that the rate hikes are in full swing once Jaime started to receive calls from many of his merchants. At this time, many of Jaime’s merchants called EPI to ask and get answers about the rate hike. Every merchant that called into EPI got directed to Jaime’s ex-partner from Western Solutions, rather than being directed to Jaime, the agent whom signed them. Once the merchants were informed by EPI that rate hikes were done by their signing agent but were directed to an agent which did not sign them, merchants scoured to find Jaime’s direct number and ask Jaime about the rate hikes as well as why a different agent had been assigned to their account. Jaime had no answer to give because he was just made aware of the situation, but knew he would do anything in his power to help his merchants in lowering back down their rates. Jaime requests EPI to revert back all rate increases done to his merchants. Mike Nardy at EPI informs Jaime to submit a request form for each individual merchant. A complete list of merchants with rate hikes was requested to EPI but Jaime was directed to speak to ex-partner. Without knowing which merchants had rate increases and without access to the portal, Jaime could only find out about the rate hikes through his customers.

10/27/17 Mike Nardy makes a form called Pricing Update Request as most of Jaime’s direct merchants were calling to get their pricing lowered back to what Jaime had originally set them to. Jaime submits tons of requests to EPI to lower back down the rates to all those merchants that Jaime found out had gotten rate hikes.

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