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Microsale V10 POS is a fast, reliable restaurant POS system that provides everything you need for your table service needs. Microsale V10 delivers a modernized light design look that allows you to easily navigate through screens with minimal effort and with optimized ways to get the job done faster. The updated tools shorten your time spent on the computer. It offers multi-location management, EMV Technology, pay-at-the-table, online ordering, customer loyalty, online reporting, inventory, employee scheduler, 24/7 support and more. It includes table management, reservations, waitlist, and cell phone paging all in one place. Its built-in time attendance helps you manage employees, pay rates, and schedules. Happy hour has never been simpler. The happy hour functions enable the system to change prices and disable certain items from discounts automatically. With Microsale POS, you will be ready to accept all major payments; credit/debit cards, magnetic stripe cards, gift cards, EMV chip cards, and contactless payments. Microsale POS is the industry's only solution that includes everything you need to start, run and grow your business. Microsale POS is perfect for full-service restaurants, quick service, bars, nightclubs, cafes, pizzerias, bakeries, ice cream shops, and even for delivery.

Provides average sales and labor costs for effective staffing.

Cut downtime spent with planning and writing a schedule. With a Master Template, you can create daily or weekly shifts quickly and easily. The software will block employees that are unable to work during a specific time or day requested. The block is activated once the request off is approved by a manager. The scheduler will also help you reduce overtime. The scheduler will notify you if an employee is scheduled to work overtime or over their allotted hours. Once you are done with the schedule, simply press "publish". The schedule will be emailed to employees' inbox.

Easy and secure built-in time clock.

The time clock allows you to track breaks, manage tips, and export data to your preferred payroll provider. It provides your employees' visibility into their punches, which eliminates pay discrepancies. The time clock eliminates buddy-punching with swipe cards or fingerprint readers. The time clock will prevent over-payment for employees who forget to clock out with time-clock lockouts.

Create a precise table layout for your restaurant.

Helpful layout functions make it easier than ever to create beautiful, organized table layouts. With "snap" functions that work similar to the Button Layout, building your patio layout, bar layout, or dining area layout is a breeze. Your host can effectively track table availability using the visual table layout. As parties are seated from the waitlist, the system begins predicting wait times. The waitlist notifies the customer when their table is available. A simple text eliminates searching for customers and bypasses the need for an intercom system or a pager system.

Speed up the Payment Process and Improve Customer Experience.

Pay-at-the-table devices accept all payment types including EMV and NFC contactless payments. It connects wirelessly to your POS system. Your staff can now bring a mobile terminal directly to your customer at a table or for curbside pickup. Pay at the table speeds up the payment process and improves customer experience as the card is always in your customer's possession. The receipt prints from the mobile terminal or at the server station. Your delivery drivers can also take the mobile terminal on deliveries. The mobile terminal allows customers to review the bill, add a tip, and print a receipt.

Reward your regulars.

Keep your customers coming back with the customer loyalty program. It's customizable for any type of restaurant and provides the tools to create and maintain customer loyalty. Create exciting rewards programs for your customers. Choose whether you want to reward your customers with a reward plan or a banked plan. The reward plan gives customers points for items purchased. The banked plan allows customers to build up points for a higher reward. The customer loyalty program also targets customer retention by marketing specifically to each customer's buying habits. With Microsale V10 you can now also send emails to one or all email addresses saved from your house account or phone order list. Choose recipients based on a date range and send coupons directly from the POS.

Page waiting-customers with a text.

Microsale V10 POS is now integrated with text messaging using the waitlist. The hostess can now add the customer's phone number to Microsale's waitlist. The customer immediately receives a text to confirm the phone number is correct. When the table is ready, the host sends a text notifying that the table is ready.

Provide your customers easier and faster ways to place orders.

Online orders automatically sync to the POS and fire directly to your kitchen printer or appear on the kitchen monitor display. No need to build or program your menu website. Your TouchSuite POS menu is linked directly to the online ordering menu. Your menu items and pricing will match each other to ensure your customers are always charged a consistent, accurate price. Orders can be placed for immediate pick-up or placed for a future time or day. For customers scheduling a pick up for a future time or date, you as the owner can set the system to either print the order immediately or to have it print automatically before the scheduled pick up time. Online Ordering also gives your customers the option to pay online or at the time of pick up.

Reporting at your fingertips. Easy to use. Simple to understand.

ReportingAnywhere is a cloud-based back-office app that syncs in real-time. ReportingAnywhere provides you with the tools to manage your business and POS from anywhere at any time. Access your inventory, closeout reports, voids, discounts, change menu items and modifiers, add or change happy hours, change prices, add or change discounts, manage employees, view current and past sales reports. It will also send you alerts to your phone when discounts and voids get too high. You'll also be notified when the credit card batch has been settled.

Stop Throwing Away Your Money.
A new Product Waste function has been added that works in conjunction with the Inventory Module. When used, the waste accurately tracks your food costs based on the menu items' recipes and current costs.

Track order prep time as well as order delivery time.

Have you ever wondered, "Is the driver making to the customer on time?" TouchSuite POS keeps track of the delivery time. It displays the amount of time the check has been open, the time the order was fired to the kitchen, as well as how many minutes the driver has been out for the delivery.

Microsale POS is Perfect for the Following Business Types:

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Microsale Restaurant POS Microsale V10 POS Bundle

Restaurant POS System
Microsale POS System comes with hardware and software. 15" Touchscreen Display, EMV PIN Pad, cash drawer, and thermal receipt printer.
*Free Menu Programming, Installation, & Training with a Merchant Account.

Suggested Price: $2,500.00
List Price: $2,359.00
Sale Price: $2,200.00
Savings: $300.00
Microsale POS Handheld Tablet Microsale V10 POS Handheld Tablet

Recommended Handheld Tablet
Microsale handheld tablet comes with Microsale V10 software. 10.1" wide display screen, sturdy hand-strap, a standard integrated card reader, and power supply
*Free Menu Programming, Installation, & Training with a Merchant Account.

Suggested Price: $1,700.00
List Price: $1,600.00
Sale Price: $1,500.00
Savings: $200.00
Bixolon SRP-275 III Impact Printer Bixolon SRP-275 III Impact Receipt Printer

Recommended Kitchen Printer
The Bixolon SRP-275 printer comes with USB/Serial connection cables, paper roll, ink ribbon, paper width selector, manual, and power supply.

Suggested Price: $349.00
List Price: $335.00
Sale Price: $320.00
Savings: $29.00
PAX S300 v4 PIN Pad PAX S300 v4 PIN Pad

Recommended Integrated PIN Pad
The PAX S300 PIN Pad comes with an integrated PIN shield and stylus pen.

Suggested Price: $350.00
List Price: $329.00
Sale Price: $299.00
Savings: $51.00
SNBC BTP-R180II Thermal Receipt Printer SNBC BTP-R180II Thermal Receipt Printer

Recommended Thermal Receipt Printer
The SNBC BTP-R180II comes with a serial cable, USB cable, manual, paper width selector, paper roll, and power supply.

Suggested Price: $250.00
List Price: $220.00
Sale Price: $150.00
Savings: $100.00

PAX S300 PIN Pad Stand PAX S300 PIN Pad Stand

Terminal Stand
The PAX S300 Terminal Stand comes with pole mount, adhesive pad, and PED bracket.

Suggested Price: $140.00
List Price: $125.00
Sale Price: $115.00
Savings: $25.00
Model 16 POS Cash Drawer Black 24v Model 16 POS Cash Drawer -Black 24v

Recommended Microsale POS Cash Drawer
The Model 16 POS cash drawer comes
with two keys, till, coin tray, and cash drawer connection cable.

Suggested Price: $115.00
List Price: $105.00
Sale Price: $90.00
Savings: $25.00
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