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Everything You Need to Manage Your Business, Integrated into One Powerful POS Solution.

OrderCounter is a POS built with the future in mind. It's an all-in-one robust and powerful solution that helps your business expand its productivity and profitability. The POS bundle comes with everything you need to provide a great dine-in experience as well as a quick and seamless checkout experience. It offers multi-location management, EMV/NFC technology, pay-at-the-table, Kiosk solutions, online ordering, curbside pickup, integration with delivery apps, loyalty, promotions, gift cards, reporting from mobile app, inventory tracking, inventory recipes, vendor/supplier list, table layouts, time & attendance, employee scheduler, back-office dashboard, KDS options, self-ordering/self-check-out, and much more. OrderCounter POS offers reliable payment acceptance throughout the whole day. No need to worry about the loss of credit card processing or connection backups with a data limit. Keep your business flowing smoothly even during internet outages during the lunch rush. Fully manage your business from anywhere at any time. Receive text notifications and alerts to keep you involved and aware of what goes on, even when away. With OrderCounter POS, you will be ready to accept all major payment types, including credit/debit cards, magnetic stripe cards, gift cards, EMV chip cards, EBT, contactless, and online payments. This innovative POS solution is great for fine dining restaurants, quick service, bars, nightclubs, lodging, deli's, cafes, pizzerias, bakeries, ice cream shops, gift shops, take-out, curbside, and even for delivery.

Whatever Your Style, We Have a Solution for Your Business

Select the devices to help your business run exactly how you prefer: Full bundled POS System, Kiosk POS, Mobile POS Tablet, or KDS. Your entire system syncs in real-time: POS system, Mobile POS Tablet, online Ordering Website, Self-Service Ordering, Online Ordering Apps, Kitchen Display System, kitchen printer, and any other additional device you want to add. It's all connected.

Bring Convenience to your Customers by Offering Your Services in Their preferred Way. Dine-In, Pick-Up, Take-Out, Curbside, Delivery, Online Ordering, and even Self-Ordering/Self-Checkout.

Inventory Management and Waste Control at your Fingertips.

Prevent Ingredient Shortages.

OrderCounter's Inventory can track as well as create supplier PO’s. OrderCounter makes this platform available anywhere via Remote Backoffice. Stop being tied to the restaurant and the office for busy inventory management work. Enter this data when and where it is most convenient. Monitor waste and/or theft and avoid long term losses. M
onitor inventory levels and receive alerts when items are running low or need to be re-ordered.

Maximize Profits. Minimize Shrinkage. Control Liquor Costs.

Monitor Pour Control.

OrderCounter's Inventory can manage recipe level inventory as well as view detailed pour reporting to monitor bar management. Easily manage your items recipes through your back office at any time from anywhere. Item recipe management makes it easy for staff to know what comes in an item as well as makes it a quicker process to modify the customer's order. This feature allows staff to easily enter the order and conveniently make modifications as the customer requests. With a simple touch, staff can select add, remove, add extra, make light, and substitute options. Protect from theft with Liquor Control and Inventory System. Control pours and monitor inventory in real-time with OrderCounter's multiple liquor control technologies. For bars that don't prefer this type of pour restrictions we also offer passive inventory tracking options that will monitor what should have been used at each bar each night or week. OrderCounter also offers multiple integration options for Liquor Control in addition to the built-in OrderCounter Inventory Control System.

Drive Customer Loyalty and Return Frequency.
Boost Revenue. Reward Your Returning Customers.

Reward your regulars and keep your customers coming back with the customer loyalty program. It's customizable and provides the tools to create and maintain customer loyalty. Create exciting rewards
for your customers. Send promotions to inform your customers of any daily specials, BOGO deals, and much more. Target specific customer groups with email and direct mail marketing to increase sales.

Happy Hour Made a Breeze.
Offer Happy Hour and Specials to bring in new faces that stick around for dinner or become regulars even when it's not happy hour.

The happy hour functions enable the system to change prices and disable certain items from discounts automatically. Use the scheduling option on your OrderCounter POS to have your happy hour specials turn on automatically. Schedule the Happy Hour menu to start promptly or ten minutes before. The Happy Hour & Specials feature allows you the convenience to set it and forget it.

Built-In Time Clock.
Keep Track of Employee Hours.
The time clock allows you to track employee's daily worked hours, clock-in times, clock-out times, and breaks. It provides your employees' visibility into their punches, which eliminates pay discrepancies.

Eliminate wasted management hours on schedule building, tracking, and fixing.

Complete your weekly schedule quickly and efficiently.
Streamline Your Scheduling. Manage Labor Costs. Eliminate Overtime.
Do y
ou want online employee scheduling correlated with time clock punches? With OrderCounter's in-house scheduling app, ScheduleGofer, you get industry-leading time clock integrations and labor reporting at your fingertips. With SchedulGofer, you can easily view employee performance reports to distinguish the super-star employees from the wash-outs, to know who is upselling the most, and to even know about who has the most satisfied and dissatisfied customers. The employee performance metrics allow you to know drill-down details. View every action from an employee summary to transaction-level details.

Stay Flexible while Managing your Business.
Run Your Business from Anywhere.

Manage your business from anywhere at any time with full admin control.
Update your menu, view up-to-the-second analytics, make advanced changes in real-time, all while staying out of staff's space and working from your own computer, tablet, or phone. Stay connected to your business without the need of being present.
Schedule custom report configurations to send on a scheduled basis to select individuals on a recurring basis. Inbox reports ensure that PDF reports are ready in your email inbox on time every time.

View How All of Your Locations are Doing at a Glance.
Access information quickly and easily on your phone.

View details for each location or view multiple locations. Enjoy the convenient access to information and reports at your fingertips through the app or by simply logging onto the back office dashboard website

Improve Your Guests' Experience. Clear Up some Counter Space.
Stop manually transferring App orders into your POS. Save time, avoid order entry errors, and delayed orders.

OrderCounter has integrated with ItsACheckmate which will allow you to receive orders directly into your POS and to your kitchen printer from popular online ordering systems. Consolidate all your online orders such as UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, Caviar, and many more into your POS and remove the hassle of multiple ordering systems. Sync all your online requests to your POS in real-time, save time in labor hours, eliminate human error, decrease food waste, and keep customers happy.

Reliable, Convenient, and User-Friendly Online Ordering Experience.
Upsell by presenting an inviting menu with images.
Make the ordering process a breeze by making sure your customers can easily modify their orders to their exact liking.
With OrderConter POS, your online orders sync directly with your POS as well as fire directly to the KDS or kitchen printer. Integrate online ordering into your existing site using your own brand colors or use one of the streamlined template designs. Your online ordering syncs directly with your POS menu. Any
changes update immediately on your ordering site.

Order-at-the-Table. Pay-at-the-Table.
Convenient Table-Side Ordering. Fast and Easy EMV Pay-at-the-Table.

Improve the speed of service, both in the drive-thru line and in front of the counter inside. Offer your customers a great dine-in experience by taking your POS system directly to where your customers are. The mobile POS tablet allows servers to spend more time with their customers and attend to their needs because they aren’t constantly returning to a terminal across the room to enter orders. This boosts both sales and tips which is good for everyone. The mobile tablet syncs directly with the kitchen display and immediately sends orders to the kitchen so that the cooks can start working on the order right away. With the mobile POS tablet, your servers are able to charge the customer's credit card at the table for faster checkout.

Reduce Wait Times. Improve Order Accuracy. Shorten Order Times.
Speed through rush hour peaks without sacrificing customer service.

Make the process even faster for your customers who want to get in and out quickly. Your customers can place their own orders via our Self-Serve Kiosks. The kitchen receives the order immediately, helping to eliminate communication errors and expediting the process.

Keep Your Kitchen Running Smoothly.
Speed through rush hour peaks without sacrificing customer service.

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) eliminates paper tickets and keeps up with real-time orders through a brightly lit display. The kitchen-proofed digital screens make it easy and efficient for your cook to read orders, which helps prepare orders with much more accuracy. The KDS makes it easy for your back-of-house staff to efficiently fulfill dining, takeout, and delivery orders. Orders are fired directly from the POS stations, mobile POS, kiosk, and online ordering website to the KDS. The system automatically routes orders to the right queue, making it easy for your staff to see which orders need to be completed first. Keep your kitchen staff informed of exactly how many orders of each item they currently have on order and also program predictive ordering to inform them of what is expected in the next 5-10 minutes.


Call JaimePOS, today or send a text, 909.395.7313, to chat more about OrderCounter POS and answer any questions you may have.
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OrderCounter POS OrderCounter POS Bundle

Restaurant & Retail POS System
OrderCounter POS System comes with hardware and software. 15" Touchscreen Display, thermal receipt printer, optional customer-facing display, EMV PIN Pad, and cash drawer.
*Free Menu Programming, Installation, & Training with a Merchant Account.

OrderCounter POS SAM4s Titan-560

Restaurant & Retail POS System
OrderCounter POS System comes with hardware and software. 14" Touchscreen Display, thermal receipt printer, customer-facing display, EMV PIN Pad, and cash drawer.
*Free Menu Programming, Installation, & Training with a Merchant Account.

PAX S300 PIN Pad Stand PAX S300 PIN Pad Stand

Terminal Stand
The PAX S300 Terminal Stand comes with pole mount, adhesive pad, and PED bracket.

Suggested Price: $140.00
List Price: $125.00
Sale Price: $115.00
Savings: $25.00
Model 93 POS Cash Drawer Black 24v Model 93 POS Cash Drawer -Black 24v

Recommended POS Cash Drawer
The Model 93 POS cash drawer comes with
two keys, till, coin tray, and cash drawer connection cable.

Suggested Price: $175.00
List Price: $165.00
Sale Price: $150.00
Savings: $25.00
9.7" Customer Display for Titan 150/550 9.7" Customer Display for Titan 150/550

Recommended Display for OrderCounter
The Customer Display comes with 9.7" LCD monitor, and connection cables.

Suggested Price: $299.00
List Price: $279.00
Sale Price: $259.00
Savings: $40.00
PAX S300 v4 PIN Pad PAX S300 v4 PIN Pad

Recommended Integrated PIN Pad
The PAX S300 PIN Pad comes with an integrated PIN shield and stylus pen.

Suggested Price: $350.00
List Price: $329.00
Sale Price: $299.00
Savings: $51.00
EPSON TM-M30 Thermal Receipt Printer EPSON TM-M30 Thermal Receipt Printer

Recommended Thermal Receipt Printer
The Epson TM-M30 comes with USB cable, paper roll, power supply, and manual.

Suggested Price: $350.00
List Price: $320.00
Sale Price: $299.00
Savings: $51.00
Sam4s Titan-560 Terminal Sam4s Titan-560 Terminal

Powerful Restaurant & Retail POS Terminal
SAM4s Titan-560 terminal comes with 15" touchscreen display, power supply, 128GB SSD, Windows 10 IoT Ent. LTSB, and 64 BIT O/S.
*Software not included*

Suggested Price: $1,500.00
List Price: $1,350.00
Sale Price: $1,300.00
Savings: $200.00
SAM4s Titan 560 Bundle SAM4s Titan 560 Bundle

Restaurant & Retail Bundle Savings
Sam4s Titan 560 bundle comes with 15" Touchscreen Display, thermal receipt printer, cash drawer, and the option of adding customer-facing display.
*Software not included*

Suggested Price: $1,999.00
List Price: $1,800.00
Sale Price: $1,700.00
Savings: $299.00