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The Ultimate All-In-One Retail POS System

Everything You Need to Compete in Today's Retail Environment.

POS+ includes state-of-the-art point of sale software and heavy-duty hardware. The POS+ bundle comes with everything you need to provide a quick and seamless checkout experience. It offers EMV technology, loyalty, online reporting, employee management, inventory tracking, price-book, vendor payments, integration with Boss Revolution's services, and much more. Never worry about being behind on software updates. Your POS will automatically update with new and useful features. With NRS POS+, you will be ready to accept all payment types, including credit/debit cards, swipe, EMV chip, EBT, NFC payments, and eWic. POS+ is perfect for convenience stores, bodegas, grocery stores, liquor stores, retail stores, smoke shops, vape shops, dollar stores, and beauty salons.

Robust Point-of-Sale Features and Hardware
Everything You Need for a Seamless Checkout Experience

Manage Your Store From Anywhere at Any Time.

My NRS Store mobile app is like carrying your POS with you everywhere you go. The app will let you access your Point of Sale system from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Control all the vital aspects of your stores' POS+ system straight from your phone or tablet. Track Sales, change pricing, access reports, update inventory, put items on promotion, and manage system users in real-time. You can even shop for your store and reorder supplies from the comfort of your home. No matter how many stores you have and POS systems, you can access all of them with a single swipe and see how your businesses are doing. This easy-to-use app has a wide range of features that matches your in-store POS experience.

Price Items Strategically. Implement Promotions.
Ring Up Correct Prices. Maintain Accurate Records.

The Price Book helps you track your sales analytics and allows you to make strategic pricing decisions. It facilitates implementing complex promotions such as the ones that only apply when the customer buys three of the same product. The price book comes with preset departments that you can use as a helpful starting point, but you can also edit, add, or delete departments to tailor the price book to your business. The price book gives you the option to specify whether or not each item is taxable, tax-exempt. It also allows for CRV to be automatically charged and makes it easy to create related pack UPCs. This feature is convenient for stores selling cases of drinks, so the cashier only has to scan one bottle to signal the POS that a whole case of that product is being sold. Keeping your price book up to date is easy and convenient. You can quickly update the price of any product by walking down the aisle, scanning the item, and changing the pricing. It updates instantly. Keeping your price book up to date will eliminate ringing up wrong prices. The price book will also maintain accurate records of how well products are selling. The Price Book on POS+ is connected to inventory management software so every time you scan an item, your POS takes note of the change in your inventory.

Improve Inventory Tracking.

Manage your inventory levels and get alerts when you are running low on specific items. You can tell the system to keep track of particular items' stock numbers. The Inventory screen takes the products you choose and puts them into three groups: Stock level ok, Reorder soon, and Reorder Now. It separates the items into these groups so that you can easily see which products you need to order.

Create Special Promotions that Meet the Unique Needs of Your Customers.

Create your own in-store discounts and as many custom specials. Choose from deals that take a certain amount off a product or discount based on quantity. The Promotions feature will also make sure your customers are getting the best deals by notifying, through the customer-facing display, them when they have less than the required number of products to meet the discount. The system will show them what they could save by buying more. It also monitors in-store promotions and shows you how your discount programs are performing.

A Nationwide Loyalty Program with Exclusive Grocery Discounts.

The BR Club Loyalty program is exclusively integrated within the POS+ system. With POS+ you become an Authorized BR Club Store, benefitting from monthly customer discount offers. Every month BR Club will select some of the hottest items to put on discount. When BR Club Loyalty members redeem these special BR Club offers at your store, POS+ will automatically take the discount amount off their total bill. Your customers immediately save money on these items and it doesn't cost you anything! BR Club will reimburse you for 100% of the discounts claimed in your store within 24 hours.

Here's How it Works

Online Ordering App for Fast and Convenient Service.

The BR Club online ordering app lets customers order from your online store. The app takes all of the products you have scanned onto your POS+ and sorts them into categories. The app also helps new customers find your store using store locator tools. For fast and easy checkout, customers can now order from your online store and pick up their order when it's ready. Customers can also schedule a future pickup day and time.

Call JaimePOS, today or send a text, 909.395.7313, to chat more about POS+ and answer any questions you may have.

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POS+ System POS+ System

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NRS POS+ System comes with hardware and software. 15" Display, cash drawer, thermal receipt printer, 15" customer-facing display, and multi directional scanner.
*Free Menu Programming, Installation, & Training with a Merchant Account.

Suggested Price: $1,179.00
List Price: $1,299.00
PAX S300 v4 PIN Pad PAX S300 v4 PIN Pad

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The PAX S300 PIN Pad comes with an integrated PIN shield and stylus pen.

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Savings: $51.00
POS+ Barcode Scanner POS+ Barcode Scanner

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The multi-directional scanner comes with connection cable.

List Price: $179.00
POS+ Cash Drawer POS+ Cash Drawer

Recommended POS+ Cash Drawer
The cash drawer comes with a five-slot bill and coin slots tray, the connection cable, and two keys.

List Price: $75.00
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