JaimePOS is an industry-leading merchant services company that keeps integrity, values and honesty at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to provide tailored point of sale solutions and exceptional service, all while helping merchants save money. We do it all by providing fair and honest processing rates which remain consistent over time. 

Merchant Services & Point Of Sale Solutions


With a strong footprint on Point-of-Sale hardware, supplies, and software, we provide a strong foundation to deliver superior point-of-sale solutions. We utilize our knowledge and expertise to add value and help our merchants’ businesses run smoothly. We are dedicated to supporting and standing fully by our products and services. 




Professionalism for us means completing a well-done job and never cutting corners. Standing fully by our products and providing the best solution to help your business grow. We believe in quality, proficiency and reliability. Our focus is to provide our professional knowledge of the best suited POS solution for your business.



We are committed to providing dependable support and developing long-lasting relationships. We hear it all the time — how many dealers sweet talk the whole process of the sale, but as soon as they get the product sold they disappear or can never be reached. Well, JaimePOS is always here to help, support and answer any questions. 



Honesty is the key foundation to building trust and is necessary for merchants to know they can believe our promises and commitments. We are dedicated to providing dependable support and services. Our morals and ethical principals is what allows us to present the best point of sale solutions along with the lowest processing rates.

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JaimePOS is a merchant services business founded in 2016. We are located in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada, but we serve all of Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, and Washington. The journey in the merchant services industry started after working with many other Banks and ISO’s for over 15 years. Desiring to help small businesses whom banks and other ISO’s were taking advantage of and overcharging, JaimePOS decided to venture off and start a whole new endeavor as a full-service merchant account provider. Soon, JaimePOS evolved into an industry-leading payment technology company with focus on honesty rather than profits off exploiting other business owners. 

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JaimePOS is Committed to your business's success.

Let us help you grow your business in many ways. JaimePOS will provide you with the best point of sale solution fit for your business’ needs. Our focus is to help you keep more money in your pockets. Firstly, through lower credit card processing rates. Secondly, by offering free to low-cost POS solutions. And thirdly by helping you achieve higher sales volume.

We are here to help your business stay relevant and thriving by integrating things like mobile pay, delivery options, loyalty programs, digital gift cards and more. You’ll be able to bring new customers in while keeping old ones satisfied.

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