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Founded in 2016, JaimePOS was forced to start a whole new endeavor in the lovely City of Las Vegas. JaimePOS started as a full-service merchant account provider and evolved into an industry-leading payment technology company with focus on honesty rather than profits.

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POS and Merchant Services

With a strong footprint on Point-of-Sale equipment sales and support. JaimePOS has learned to brokerage the success of the company with diligent workers and other companies who share his company’s ideas. We totally believe success is never possible without the support of others and will never forget where we came from. And by all means no matter what, keep your word. Integrity is all that matters even though we are living in a world where profits are put ahead of all things in this new everyday normal world. 



Professionalism for us means never cutting corners and standing fully by whatever, we sell. It also means keeping everything with you as the customer 100% of the time honest even if that means you just don’t like the reality of those truths. 



We hear it all the time, how so many dealers sweet talk the whole process of the sell. But, as soon as they get the product sold never can they be reached. Well Jaime does it completely different and gives everyone his cell number.  



Dedication to me is being there and being dependable. We started saying, ” We support what we sell.” After seeing and being in the industry and hearing tons of dealers just focus on themselves and never supporting customers after the sell was done.

jaime POS

Jaime from JaimePOS start of the company

Since 2000

I have been in the Merchant Processing field since 2000. The very first company I learned about the business was with Central Payments. From there I got recruited and spent the next few years working for Western Solutions, before turning into a partner of the company. I worked with Western Solutions and sold several POS product lines.
The company had major growth for several years. But, with money comes greed and my ex-partner wanted more of the profits. So, after many years of working together, it came time for a split and a new direction. 
So, JaimePOS was created since 2016 and has had tremendous growth as my customer base loves the honesty and the fact my word is bond, and I will never raise cost on my merchants. 

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I Want to Help You Grow Your Business

From meeting me to having an opportunity to sit down with you, JaimePOS is committed to your business success. 

Facts about the owner and company

Questions And Answers

I typically work in CA twice a month and work Utah and Arizona once a month. Installs do not count as part of my visits.

All four numbers go directly to me or my staff, and when staff is off I keep the phone on me. 

Typically, the process can be done in 24 hours. But that process typically falls on how quickly you get me all the necessary items for a Merchant Account. 

The process for setup on a POS depends on how much in detail you want the POS to be. But typically four to seventeen days is average.

Yes, you can contact me any day and at any time. Will I answer all the time is another story? I do have to make time for others, loved ones, and for myself. But I do return all calls back. Even the calls I have tried to block a million times. 

I love to hike and spend time with loved ones. I also love trying out new restaurants and helping others. I love work! 

One of my favorite meals is Mexican food and Italian food.  My favorite colors are red, green, and black.

I have been in Las Vegas for five years. And have made traveling back and forth to Arizona and Utah a top priority the last three years. 

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