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Point-of-Sale Accessories

Need to find point-of-sale accessories such as cash drawers, tills, locking tills, displays, barcode scanners, scales, power conditioners, or cables? JaimePOS offers all POS accessories at an affordable price. We carry all accessories for all POS systems we carry.

Cash Drawers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Displays
  • Power Conditioners
  • Scales
  • Scanners

3S 430 CASH DRAWER AU02142

  • Color: Black
  • Interface Type: Printer Driven
  • Size: 16x16x
  • Drawer Front Style: Dual Media Slot
  • Key Type: Standard
  • Storage: Adjustable 8x8
  • Cables Included:

6 Foot Cable For Logic Controls Drawer-CABLE-CR-E

6 Foot Cable For Logic Controls Drawer for Epson/Star/Citizen

APG 12VDC MultiPro-II Cable CD-046

APG 12VDC MultiPro-II Cable, for Posiflex terminal

APG Cash Drawer -PK-14L-R

PK-14L-R Locking Till Cover, APG,FITS M-15VTA

APG Cash Drawer PK-15VTA

Standard till for Series 100Cash Drawers (1616 & 16195 Models) Bill/Coin = 5x5 Fixed Bill/Coin Widths

APG Cash Drawer PK-PK-27-BX

Under Counter Mounting Bracket, Media/S100

APG Cash Drawer-JD320-1-BL1816-C

MultiPro,Stainless Front,Media Slot,18"(W)x16"(D),CD-101A Cable Included,Black

BLogic Compatible Cash Drawer

Five-Slot Bill and Coin Tray+2 Keys+Drawer Connection Cable.

cable for Logic Controls CB-CR1-EPS-RJ

Epson/Star/Citizen interface cable for Logic Controls CR1800/1600/1000

Cash Drawer Y Splitter Cable-CD-BL3000YCBL

CD-BL3000 YCBL Cash Drawer r Y Splitter Cable for CD-BL-3000

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JaimePOS offers the best credit card processing rates, affordable POS solutions, the best-in-class point-of-sale systems and terminals along with unmatched customer service.
JaimePOS is one of the very few Dealers who supports what they sell and continue to serve even after your hardware is old and might be in need of change. JaimePOS offers tons of ways to help you update old hardware and software from low to zero cost to you.
JaimePOS will beat your current processing rates and will also keep your rates the same. Yes, this means they won’t be sneakily raised over time.
 If you need help choosing a point-of-sale solution that will meet your business’s needs, then give us a call or send a text, (909) 395-7313, and we will gladly match the best-suited POS solution for your business type.


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