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Cash Discounting + Traditional Processing Program

If you are seeking to get rid of merchant processing fees and invest the savings back into your business, Cash Discount is the best-suited credit card processing program for you.

You can now process an unlimited amount of credit card transactions in a single month and still keep your merchant processing fees as low as $25 a month. The cash discounting program gives you the option to pass on the processing fees to the customer or absorb your traditional processing fees. JaimePOS has found a way for you to say goodbye to all interchange fees and invest the savings back into your business while still allowing and providing the option to switch back to traditional processing on a single terminal.

You are no longer obliged to cover the cost for all the different types of credit card reward points, network fees, or interchange fees that always seem to be increasing. This program is an unbeatable solution to end high credit card processing bills. You now have the choice to pass on the fees to the customer or not without hurting your pocket. With cash discounting and traditional processing options on a single terminal, you'll never have to worry about switching again!

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The Fear Of Losing Customers Is No Longer an Issue!

JaimePOS offers a one-of-a-kind Cash Discounting platform designed to provide your business with the option to accept Cash Discounting processing as well as traditional processing all within your terminal.

Merchants can seamlessly transition from cash discounting/surcharging to traditional processing by simply cancelling the non-cash charge/surcharge fee on the terminal during a transaction and entering a confirmation password. This allows you to retain customers who are not willing to pay the non-cash charge.

Because of its flexibility, this program works great for all business types. You no longer have to be scared to lose customers, and when you cancel the non-cash charge/surcharge fee, you absorb your traditional processing fees instead of paying the non-cash charge/surcharge. This program also gives your business the convenience to still accept every card/payment type including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, as well as all contactless/mobile payments such as ApplePay and Google Wallet.

The Fear Of Losing Customers Is No Longer an Issue
Marketing with Engage My Customer JaimePOS A leading POS Provider

Marketing with Engage My Customer

Create a Customer Base That You Can Digitally Market to.

Using the Engage My Customer feature allows you to analyze feedback, customer spending habits, and patterns to create specific categories of customers that you can create customized SMS marketing for. Customize marketing for VIP customers or reach out to customers who have had a negative experience.

All-in-one Virtual Terminal, Gateway, and Merchant Portal

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Run Your Business From Anywhere.

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SMS Cash Discounting With eInvoicing

With JaimePOS you can now send payment requests via SMS text using eInvoicing for a truly contactless transaction perfect for social-distancing practices. A non-cash charge /surcharge fee can be implemented into each SMS payment request sent to customers and is great for any business that uses a ticketed order system like bakeries or butcher shops as well as MOTO businesses.

JaimePOS is here to offer you and your business the best options and recommend the best-suited point-of-sale solution for your business type. So, whether you're seeking to eliminate your merchant processing fees, pass on the fees on certain transactions while still keeping your traditional processing, or simply seeking a fair and affordable merchant processing program, you can rest assured JaimePOS will give you an honest opinion and recommendation. JaimePOS can beat all banks and all other processor rates. We take pride in offering unbeatable solutions to all business types.

Call JaimePOS or send a text, (909) 395-7313, to chat more about the Cash Discounting + Traditional Processing Program and answer any questions you may have.

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