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A Restaurant POS System that Delivers Speedy and Reliable Performance 

MicroSale is an all-in-one powerful restaurant POS system. Designed for reliability and high performance, the Microsale restaurant POS features the dependability and convenience of the cloud. This restaurant POS is a proven solution for fast-paced environments. MicroSale offers enterprise restaurant POS software for multi-location management, EMV technology, table-side ordering, loyalty, online reporting, inventory, employee scheduler, contactless ordering and much more.

Accept All Payments Easier, Faster and Smarter. 

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FREE MicroSale POS system plus the lowest integrated payment processing rates for all new merchants. JaimePOS will also provide free setup, free menu programming, free installation, and free training.

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Provide Your Guests With a Quick Contactless Way to Pay


A QR code is automatically generated when the server prints the customer’s receipt.


The customer scans the QR code to pay the bill and leave a tip.


The guest receives an emailed receipt and the check’s payment status is updated on the POS.

Included Features

MicroSale employee planner & scheduler
Employee Management

Time Clock, Roles & Pay Rates

  • Manage multiple pay rates
  • Maintain privacy for employees
  • Prevent early clock-ins and late clock-outs with the optional setting, “time clock window”
  • Eliminate buddy-punching with swipe cards or fingerprint readers
  • Flag exceptions for overtime (includes automatic day overtime calculations)
  • Prevent over-payment for employees who forget to clock out with time clock lockouts (prompts for manager override to correct time)
  • Create schedules for employees based on forecasted sales
  • Email schedule to employees
MS reporting

Reporting and Analytics

  • Access your data 24/7
  • Use ReportingAnywhere on your desktop, iPhone or Android to view sales, discounts, voids, employees on the clock and other information in real time
  • View real-time snapshot reports of the day, easy-to-read pie charts, and date range reports
  • Track data to make money-saving decisions
  • Get full visibility over your restaurant’s data with transparent reporting
  • See your top 10 performing items for the day
  • Influence purchases and maximize profits around slow or peak times with up to 6 automatic price adjustments
  • Get your most important reports emailed to you and your team automatically at the end of the night
MS Happy hour
Happy Hour Pricing

Automatic Happy Hour Pricing

  • Happy Hours, or Timed Events, automatically adjust prices based on the day of the week and/or time of day
  • Disable Event/Happy Hour on certain terminals. This is beneficial if certain terminals in your restaurant have other Timed Events than the rest of the restaurant; such as having a later happy hour at the bar vs. the floor
  • Reduce Price or Increase Price globally. If you have a global price increase/reduction for a department/category/menu item, you can reduce/increase by typing the amount into one field instead of having to go through each item.
Microsale food inventory

Manage Your Restaurant's Inventory

  • Sync your POS sales and inventory
  • Track the ingredients coming in and out of your restaurant
  • Automatically replenish inventory stock & update costs
  • Know which ingredients matter most
  • Inventory control traces the amount of product ordered
  • Inventory control traces everything that comes out of the kitchen and bar
  • Inventory control also traces what is left over as sitting inventory
  • Create and send purchase orders directly to your suppliers through the EDI integration; the orders are automatically matched to your products’ default supplier
MicroSale Table management image
Table Management

Syncs with Reservations & Waitlist

  • See the status of all tables by the digital floor plan
  • View open tables
  • View empty tables that need to be bussed and ‘released’ back on the floor
  • See when tables have their checks printed
  • Use shortcut keys to expedite speed of service (close check, print check, add tip)
MS Gift Loyalty
Built-In Loyalty

Frequent Diner

  • Create exciting programs for your guests and keep them coming back
  • Get the tools you need to create and maintain customer loyalty through reward programs and banked plans

  • Frequent Diner is customizable for any type of restaurant – whether you want to start a bagel club, coffee club, or drink around the world club

  • Retain your customers by marketing specifically to them and their buying habits

  • You will be able to capture their address, email, and phone number for your marketing efforts

  • Reward Plans are perfect for “Club” memberships such as a Beer Club or Sandwich Club. You can choose how many points each item is worth during the plan setup

  • The banked plan allows a customer to rack up or “bank” points to build up points for a higher reward. This encourages higher check totals and more visits

Pizza delivery
Phone Orders & Deliveries

Manage Phone Orders and Delivery

  • Keep lines open – manage up to 8-phone lines in the POS
  • Fire orders automatically based on a specified time set by the customer
  • Save customer information for faster assistance; save delivery address, last order and payment information
  • Prevent errors and increase speed with typing auto-complete
  • Assign orders to a driver from the on-screen map to visually see stops closest together
  • Create zones on mile ranges or drive time
  • Each zone will automatically charge the appropriate delivery fee based on the address the employee inputs in the system
  • The directions automatically populate from the restaurant to the customer’s location
  • Automatically categorizes the location to the correct zone
  • Included delivery module; multiple delivery fees, assign drivers from a graphical map, use labels printed from the system to quickly and accurately bag orders
  • Displays the amount of time the check has been open as well as how many minutes the driver has been out on the delivery
MicroSale Combos Disc
Discounts & Auto-Combos

Combo Detection Convenience

  • The system can detect which items make up a combo meal
  • Help the customer save money
  • Prevent the cashier from reentering the individual items again as a combo
  • Automatic Combo Discount: automatically discounts the items when applicable items are on a check. Beneficial for automatic BOGOs, combination specials (ex: 18 wings, pitcher of beer, and side of fries for $x.xx), etc.
  • Recreating Items on the Check into a Combo Item: automatically recreates the items into a combo menu item with the appropriate price. Beneficial for quick service restaurants to create items into a “Cheeseburger Combo”, Chicken Nugget Combo”, etc.
Microsale translate foreign language
Language Translator

Communicate Better

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Employees can choose preferred language when logging in
  • Change language based on employee login or kitchen receipts

More Ways to Accept Orders & Increase Revenue

Self-Service Kiosk

A hassle-free self-service option for customers and reduces labor costs

Tablets & Handhelds

Speed up customer turnover and increase speed of service

Contactless Ordering

Online ordering and delivery provides convenient and contactless ordering options

Optional Features, Services & Integrations

Microsale POS

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Yes, OrderCounter comes preinstalled, and your menu is updated by JaimePOS
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We customize the agreements to fit every business differently, but most merchant accounts are set for three years. 

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