A Point-Of-Sale System that runs as a Hybrid POS


A Point-of-Sale System with the Business Owner in Mind

Are you looking for a point-of-sale system to process sales transactions, record, and track inventory, manage employees, and keep your business in fighting shape? Do you need a point-of-sale system with reliable support? Then you have come to the right place. OrderCounter runs with the reliability of having a server but with the cloud in mind.


Tell us which features, necessities, and perks your business needs out of a point-of-sale system and we will tell you if OrderCounter is the best-suited POS system for your business. So, whether your business is a café, retail shop, restaurant, bakery, pizzeria, delivery service, deli, or gourmet food truck, OrderCounter POS system will fit the needs of your business.

Start with Zero Down, and a New All-in-One POS

Complete with a Touch Screen, Thermal Printer, EMV Pin Pad, Cash Drawer, Customer Facing Display, Direct Support from OrderCounter, ScheduleGofer, a Menu Build, Mobile Application, Hybrid Backoffice, and Freedom of Knowing JaimePOS is fully supporting your system and hardware. 

Offer Any and All services to Your Clients and Staff

Online Ordering, Employee Scheduling, Remote BackOffice, Kiosks, Kitchen Display Systems, Mobile Application, Multi-Unit Enterprise, Gift Cards, and the ability for Tablet Usage. With the perfect POS system and perfect POS software solution the possibilities are endless.

Upgrade Your POS System

Get a full POS station with $0 down and the lowest integrated payment processing rates. We will also provide free menu programming, free installation, free training, and 24/7 support. 


A clean neat look with all the analytics you could want out of your POS dashboard

With the ability to add all your delivery system applications. Eliminating the reason to need all the extra devices plugged into the front of your house and cleaning up that area again making it safe and less cluttered for all parties.


Add a kitchen display unit and easily remove items and see what’s in the kitchen line with the ability to use touch screen devices. Eliminating the need for ink and bond rolls.

Get Started Now With $0 Down

Which Feature Will Help Your Business

OrderCounter offers the ability to be updated from anywhere. The process of changing pricing and updating items is much easier than most POS systems out there in the market. While other dealers love to update and do price changes, just to be difficult and make you rely on them for support. JaimePOS, with OrderCounter, will teach you and wants you in control of your business, and if help is needed, we offer 24/7 support directly from OrderCounter, or JaimePOS, just as a secondary measure as we always want to support what’s most important the customer.  

Things to Look for in Your Point of Sale

Your point-of-sale system should help you advertise your branding by offering unique features for personalization and provide email marketing campaigns for monthly specials, holidays, and special events. It should offer a customer loyalty program that will help you keep track of loyalty points, track recent and past purchases.

It should feature a time and attendance scheduler to help you manage employee’s hours for payroll, as well as facilitate and save you time on making your employee’s schedules. It should help you manage your inventory, track your ingredient orders and usage, let you know if it’s time for reordering and keep a running tally of what has been sold. It should provide a full web-based office backend that provides real-time reporting, access to edit menu/inventory items, and employee management. You want to make sure that it’s easy to use, has credit card processing integration with low processing rates.

JaimePOS offers OrderCounter POS for FREE every day. All we need is a current monthly processing statement to get you started. How can we afford to offer this deal for FREE? It’s very simple, while most POS Dealers have gotten RICH off service contracts and by overcharging customers for their monthly merchant processing. Not only do we offer the best credit card processing rates, but we also are willing to beat your current provider. So, let’s say this again. We will BEAT your merchant processing rates and Give you a Station for, FREE. Give us a call or send a text, and we will gladly give you a demo and a free rate review so that you can see why so many trusts in JaimePOS for their POS needs and merchant services. 


Do not buy the stories of those other Dealers claiming to support customers. We at JaimePOS do more by offering more, from the start. We give your business all the features from Day 1 and will never try to up sell you later with more products and add-ons. Your business success is also tied into are success and we look forward to earning your support.

Does Hardware come with OrderCounter’s current software?

Yes, OrderCounter comes preinstalled, and your menu is updated by JaimePOS

Who do I call for support?

You can call OrderCounter directly but have access to JaimePOS if you rather speak with us.

How long is the agreement?

We customize the agreements to fit every business differently, but most merchant accounts are set for three years. 

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