Run Your Restaurant With the Best of Both Worlds.

The OrderCounter POS provides all the benefits of a cloud system with the reliability of a traditional in-house server. This allows you to view your data in real-time and run your restaurant from anywhere on any device. Build your POS with the devices and applications that will suit your business. OrderCounter offers delivery & takeout, contactless ordering, contactless payments, curbside pickup, self-serve kiosks, online ordering, table-side ordering, employee scheduler, employee clock-in/out, liquor inventory management, and much more. 

OrderCounter allows you to organize and track inventory, manage employees, grow your customer base, manage your orders, and ramp up your OrderCounter System with best-in-class POS apps. Get all the tools you need and the lowest integrated payment processing rates with JaimePOS.

Contact us and tell us which features, necessities, and perks your business needs in a point-of-sale system and we will help you choose the best-suited OrderCounter solution for your business. So, whether your business is a café, bar, nightclub, retail shop, restaurant, bakery, pizzeria, or deli, OrderCounter POS will fit the needs of your business.

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Upgrade Your POS System

Get an OrderCounter POS system for FREE plus the lowest integrated payment processing rates. Upgrade your POS system and get started for FREE today. JaimePOS will also provide free setup, free menu programming, free installation, and free training.

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Backoffice Access from Wherever You May Be

OrderCounter empowers businesses to retain rights and ownership of their data on their own system while still providing the convenience of the cloud.
  • Dashboard

View up-to-the-second analytics

  • Employee oversight

Drill down easily on employee performance reports to distinguish the super-star employees from the was-outs.

  • Inventory & Menu management

Manage recipe level inventory as well as tracking and creating supplier PO’s. Make advanced menu changes such as daily specials and scheduled promotions from anywhere.

  • Inbox Reports

Ensure that PDF reports are on time every time and ready in your inbox. Schedule custom reports to send on a schedule basis to select individuals on a recurring basis.

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Scheduling Made Easy

Complete your weekly schedule quickly and efficient.
OrderCounter with ScheduleGofer | JaimePOS A Leading POS & Merchant Services Provider
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Contactless Ordering

Offer contactless ordering to all your customers for more convenient ways to order, pay and rate.
  • Dine-in, takeout, and curbside pickup ordering

Customers scan QR code to place their dine-in order, go to PayLink site to place an order ahead of time for takeout or curbside pickup. Orders go directly to POS and kitchen printer.

  • On-demand mobile checkout

Customers checkout on demand using their own mobile device. No wait-staff assistance needed. Contactless payment solutions include ecommerce mobile checkout,  Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

  • Automated loyalty

Loyalty program enrollment and point accrual is automatic. Convert once anonymous on-premise customers to rich digital contacts. Encourage customers to return by adding promotions to your digital recipt.

  • Rate the service

Control quality with guest ratings, including real-time alerts on wait-staff performance and operational service. 

Integrate Your Online Ordering Services

Receive all your app ordering services directly onto your POS station. 
  • Clear up counter space

No more tablets cluttering up your workspace. OrderCounter has integrated with ItsACheckmate which will allow you to receive app orders directly into the POS and to your kitchen printer from UberEats, GrubHub,DoorDash and many more.

  • Save time on order entering

No more wasting time manually entering each app order into your POS. 

  • No more order entry errors

Less order entry errors means less food comps, faster order turnaround time, and more satisfied, happy customers.

  • Get better reporting insights on your app orders

App orders automatically feed the sales back into the management system.

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Online Ordering Portal

Direct traffic directly to your own site and give your customers an additional outlet to order their next takeout or delivery. 
  • Bypass the 15-35% app ordering fees

Provide your own online ordering website to your customers to bypass fees being charged by other online ordering companies.

  • Streamlined template design for website

The streamlined template designs will get your business up and running in no time so you can stat fulfilling orders.

  • Capture insights

Market directly to your customers, regardless of whether they ever step foot in your restaurant.

  • Update your menu only once

Need to make a change to your menu? Edit your restaurant manu only once and see it updated across all of your menus. 

  • Customer Website Registry

Allow frequent customers the option to register on your site to quickly reorder one of their go-to favorites.

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Delivery Mapping

Make deliveries a breeze with delivery mapping.
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  • Integrated Mapping

The integrated mapping is similar to the systems used when typing an address into Google Maps.

  • Address Prediction

The POS will automatically predict the address as it is typed.

  • Address Saved

Customer’s delivery address is saved under customer’s profile and order history.

  • Delivery Zones

Once address is pulled up, mapping will determine which of the polygon delivery zones the address falls into so that it can be properly dispatched for delivery in an efficient manner.

Serve drinks fast while controlling liquor costs

With OrderCounter, bartenders can focus on mixing more drinks while reporting necessary information to the POS.
  • Multiple liquor control technologies

Control pours and monitor inventory usage in real-time.

  • Passive inventory tracking

Bars that don’t prefer multiple liquor pour restrictions, OrderCounter also offers options that will monitor what should have been used at each bar each night or week.

  • View 98 tabs at once

OrderCounter offers both quick search options and the ability to view 98 tabs at the same time on-screen with no cap on the number of tabs open.

  • Protect from theft with Liquor Control & Inventory System

There are multiple integration options for liquor control in addition to the build in OrderCounter inventory control system that protects from costly theft.

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Ready to Build Your New OrderCounter System?

Set up your business with the right mix of OrderCounter POS devices and apps for your business. Build your POS system the way your business operates. All OrderCounter devices sync and work together. Mobile and stationary devices are customized to your needs whether you're a restaurant, retail or service business. Add more devices or apps any time. Order directly online or talk to us about your ideal device and plan options. 
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, OrderCounter comes preinstalled, and your menu is updated by JaimePOS
You can call OrderCounter directly but have access to JaimePOS if you rather speak with us.
We customize the agreements to fit every business differently, but most merchant accounts are set for three years. 

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