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Increase Revenue. Decrease Expenses. Improve Customer Overall Experience.

PayLink is a convenient and affordable mobile commerce platform that allows customers to place online orders, takeout orders, curbside pickup orders, and even dine-in orders. It allows waitstaff to take orders tableside and immediately fire them to the kitchen or bar.

It brings customers the convenience of saving time and skipping the waiting line by placing their order before arriving, whether it’s for pickup or for dine-in.

Customers are able to conveniently add more items to their table order, split their check, add gratuity, and pay without needing to wait on staff to bring the guest check.

Waitstaff gets notified every time a customer adds items to their order as well as when payments are made. Approval notifications are also sent to the waitstaff when alcoholic drinks are ordered. Once the customer has placed their order, the additional items are immediately fired to the desired printer.

Contactless Ordering. Contactless Payments. Contactless Receipts & Reviews.

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No Monthly Paylink Fees

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are helping businesses implement a robust curbside pickup solution. To show you our support, JaimePOS is offering free online ordering with curbside pickup. We’ve waived all monthly fees to provide you with a FREE plan, which includes everything you need to begin taking orders online and managing curbside pickup. Offer no-contact pickup to customers with a simple curbside solution. JaimePOS Team will also build your menu and even add your pictures for free.

Great For Hospitality, Bar & Nightclub, and Retail

Easy Menu Management

Menu management makes it is easy to edit, add, and update your items, modifiers, and categories on your menu. Make the ordering process a breeze by making sure your customer can easily modify their orders to their exact liking and add special instructions to each item they order (easy on the mayo please).

Upsell by presenting an inviting menu with images. Customize and promote your brand by uploading your logo, adding your color scheme, and even by adding a background image. Your changes update immediately on your ordering site. 

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Built-In Loyalty & Promotions

Set up a custom loyalty program that will keep your customers engaged and coming back. With built-in loyalty, customers automatically earn points when they make purchases. The built-in loyalty program automatically rewards guests and lets customers track points toward their next reward. The promotions program markets directly to customers with special offers and discounts, which are accessed directly through their electronic receipt. PayLink also includes other valuable features like the ability for merchants to add coupon codes to loyal customers. The promotions program can also advertise your happy hour deals and times. 

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Curbside Pickup Notification

The checkout process is simple and does not require your customers to download an app to place an order. The pickup process is convenient. It allows customers to choose a pickup time and pickup method. The Curbside Pickup option simplifies the pickup process for employees and minimizes order delivery errors. Once the order has been placed, the customer receives a text message with a link to their receipt. Once the customer arrives, they will notify you by clicking the link they received and tapping I’m Here. Merchants can customize their curbside pickup instructions to better suit their unique needs. Instructions appear on the order confirmation page and in the SMS text message receipt sent to the customer. Once the customer has arrived, they can also enter a description of their vehicle or some other way to be identified for their curbside pickup order.

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Customers have the ability to add gratuity when they check out. Tipping servers while checking out is an easy process handled directly from the convenience of your customers’ smartphones. Let customers take charge of their own orders, modify, add more items, and pay when they’re ready. Alleviating some work duties for staff allows servers to focus on providing attentive customer service and concentrate on waiting their assigned table area.

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Customers can now rate their experience directly from their digital receipt. Hear feedback directly from your customers and respond to feedback in real time to avoid negative online reviews and achieve positive outcomes. With guest-rating feedback, you can monitor your staff’s performance.

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Customers can use their mobile device to view your digital menu, order and pay.

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Call JaimePOS today or send a text, (909) 395-7313, to chat more about free online ordering and answer any questions you may have.

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JaimePOS offers affordable POS solutions every day. Not only do we offer the best credit card processing rates, but we also provide the best-in-class point-of-sale systems and terminals. If you’re not sure which point-of-sale solution would best suit your business, then give us a call or send a text to (909) 395-7313, and we will gladly match the best-suited POS solution for your business type.

There’s no application to download, no registration form & no password to remember.

Encourage customers to engage with your business and purchase from you more often by adding interactive promotions to your digital receipts.

Your digital menu will be accessible through a simple scan of a PayLink QR code. It’s easy to upload photos (or choose from our image library), customize item descriptions and make real-time menu changes.

Now your customers can order and pay from the table, designated parking spaces or any location of your choosing. When your customer completes their order, the location associated with the QR code (i.e. Patio1) is transmitted to your staff alongside the order.

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