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PayLink Online Ordering is a convenient commerce platform that allows customers to place orders online for takeout, curbside pickup, and even dine-in orders. With PayLink QR code order and pay, customers can order and pay from the table, designated parking spaces, hotel rooms, or even poolside cabanas. With PayLink Base Plan, your business can take mobile online orders, dine-in QR Code orders, send payment links, and even offer self-serve kiosk solutions. Accept all card payments easier, faster, and smarter digitally. PayLink online ordering allows you to easily manage your menu, send digital promotions, offer rewards program, send digital receipts, offer gift cards, view real-time sales reports, receive feedback and ratings from customers in real-time, fire orders directly to the kitchen and much more.

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No monthly fees. Our Mobile Ordering with Curbside Pickup base plan is FREE and includes everything you need to begin taking orders online.

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Free PayLink Mobile Ordering

JaimePOS is helping businesses implement a robust curbside pickup solution for FREE. JaimePOS will also provide free setup, free menu programming, and free remote training.

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Mobile Ordering

with Curbside Pickup

Bring customers the convenience of saving time and skipping the wait line by placing their order ahead or in-store when ready. Customers also have the option of selecting curbside pickup. Once customers have arrived, customers can notify staff of their arrival by tapping "I'm Here" on their digital receipt. Staff is then notified and deliver the customer's order out to their car.

Commission Free Online Ordering

Keep your customers and the revenue

Protect your customers from 3rd party platforms that charge exorbitant commissions to take orders on your behalf. Our base plan is FREE and includes everything you need to begin taking orders online.

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Paylink Mobile checkout QR Code
Scan a QR Code to Access Your Menu, Order & Pay

No app to download, no registration and no password to remember

With PayLink QR code order and pay, customers are able to place orders and pay from tables, designated parking spaces, hotel rooms, or even poolside cabanas. PayLink makes every process easy for customers and staff. Guests can easily place subsequent orders without having to re-enter their payment information. PayLink employs leading edge tokenization technology to make re-ordering simple and secure.

Promotions, Loyalty & Guest Ratings

Loyalty program enrollment and points accrual is automatic.

•Generate promo codes to advertise your business and grow your customer base. Code configuration includes expiration date, single or multi-use per customer, % or fixed $ discounts and minimum purchase amount.
•Benefit tiers are fully customizable and easy to build in the PayLink back-office portal. Loyalty program details are easily accessible from the customer's digital receipt.
•Guest Rating Surveys can be customized to gather feedback on what's important to you. Drive feedback, control quality and avoid negative reviews.

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Everything Your Business Needs In a

Contactless Mobile Ordering Solution

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Easy Menu Management

Adding new items, editing, adding modifiers and changing prices are a breeze. Make the ordering process a breeze by making sure your customers can easily modify their orders to their exact liking and add special instructions to each item they order (easy on the mayo please). 

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Dine-In Ordering

Customers can use their mobile device to view your digital menu, order, retrieve their check, split, tip and pay contactless without wait staff assistance.

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Digital Promotions

Encourage customers to engage with your business and purchase more often by adding interactive promotions to your digital receipts. Advertise your Happy Hour, daily deals and times.

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Standalone Mode / Kiosk

PayLink can be used as a standalone contactless ordering, mobile checkout and contactless payment solution for merchants who don't use a POS system.

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Curbside Pickup

The pickup process allows customers to choose a pickup time and pickup method. The Curbside Pickup option allows customers to notify you by clicking the link they received and tapping I’m Here.

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Invoice & Payment Links

Securely collect payments instantly and effectively with mobile payments. Simply create your invoice by entering your customer's information, add the invoice number, enter the customized description along with pricing, add the tax amount and you can even add a convenience fee (•Service Fee •Delivery Fee •Handling Fee •Preparation Fee •Room Service Fee). Once you send the invoice, a payment link is sent directly to your customers cellphone via text message to get paid immediately and conveniently. The customer clicks the link in the text message and seamlessly makes the payment online.


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Encourage repeat business with the automated rewards program. Keep your customers engaged and coming back with built-in loyalty. Customers automatically earn points when they make purchases. The built-in loyalty program automatically rewards guests and lets customers track points toward their next reward.

Paylink OLO guest ratings
Guest Ratings

Control quality with customer ratings and real-time alerts on wait-staff performance and other operational metrics. Customers are prompted to complete a quick survey after checkout and can now rate their experience directly from their digital receipt. Hear feedback and respond in real time to avoid negative online reviews and achieve positive outcomes. Surveys can be customized to gather feedback on what's important to you. Survey responses are reportable based on any criteria you choose (i.e. wait staff scoring, meal quality, overall experience, etc.).

Convenient, Practical and User-Friendly for Customers

As Well as for Merchants

Scan QR code or click on posted link

Place order before or once arrived

Order more items without waiting on staff

Contactless pay when ready to close tab

Receive digital receipt via text message

Receive promotions on digital receipt

Text Message Invoices & Payment Links with

PayLink Payments

Stop writing down credit card numbers and manually collecting check payments. Text message Payment Links lets you accept secure payments in seconds and gets rid of the manual labor so you can focus on business.

Ready to Start Your Mobile Ordering Account for Free?

Set up your business with PayLink Mobile Ordering today, and start offering contactless solutions while reaping all the benefits. We will help you build your mobile ordering POS solution the way your business operates. PayLink Mobile Ordering works for restaurant, retail and service businesses. Place your order directly online or talk to us about your ideal plan options. 


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  • $0.10 each additional transaction
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JaimePOS offers the best credit card processing rates, affordable POS solutions, the best-in-class point-of-sale systems and terminals along with unmatched customer service.
Moreover, JaimePOS offers tons of ways to help you update old hardware and software from zero to low cost to you. Therefore, even offers the old POS Swap Program. Switch to JaimePOS now and start saving money on your credit card processing rates. Most importantly, our mission is to provide merchants with fair, honest rates that will not be sneakily increased over time.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

No. There is no application to download, no registration form and no password to remember.
Yes. PayLink comes with built-in promotions, which allows you to send interactive promotions through your digital receipts. Advertise your happy hours, weekly deals, specials, and send coupons. 
Your digital menu is accessible through a simple scan of your PayLink QR code. Your customers can order prior to picking up. Customers also have the option to order through your mobile app while dining in. The mobile checkout allows customers to split, tip, and pay.
JaimePOS will program your menu for free at the time of setup. Adding, changing, editing items, and uploading photos is a breeze. Upload your own menu photos or choose from our image library. All menu changes are uploaded in real-time. 

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