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PayLink is a convenient and affordable mobile commerce platform that allows customers to place mobile orders for takeout, curbside pickup, and even dine-in orders. It brings customers the convenience of saving time and skipping the wait line by placing their order when ready. With PayLink QR order and pay, customers can order and pay from the table, designated parking spaces, hotel rooms, or even poolside cabanas. PayLink makes every process easy for customers and staff. No app download needed, no registration, and no password to remember. 

PayLink also allows waitstaff to take orders, process payments tableside and immediately fire them to the kitchen or bar from an all-in-one wireless device integrated with your POS system. Dine-in guests are able to conveniently add more items to their table order, split their check, add gratuity, and pay without needing to wait on staff to bring the guest check. Waitstaff gets notified every time a customer adds items to their order as well as when payments are made. Approval notifications are also sent to the waitstaff when alcoholic drinks are ordered. Once the customer has placed their order, the additional items are immediately fired to the desired printer. The multiple contactless payment options, allow dine-in guests choose how they want to pay: mobile checkout, kiosk pay, QR scan pay, and even pay-at-the-table through a staff member.

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Get PayLink Mobile Ordering for Free

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are helping businesses implement a robust curbside pickup solution. To show you our support, JaimePOS is offering PayLink online ordering with curbside pickup for Free. The free base plan includes everything you need to begin taking mobile orders and managing curbside pickup. JaimePOS will also provide free setup, free menu programming, and free remote training.

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PayLink Services & Perks

PayLink offers everything your business needs out of a mobile ordering solution.
  • Online Ordering

Offer mobile ordering for takeout, curbside pickup, and even dine-in.

  • Curbside Pickup

Customize your pickup instructions and customers can notify of their arrival by tapping “I’m Here” on their digital receipt.

  • Dine-In Ordering

Customers can access your digital menu through a simple scan of the PayLink QR code. 

  • Digital Engagement

Connect with guests by sending digital receipts with interactive promotions via text message. Allow customers to send back feedback and ratings.

  • POS Synchronization

Contactless payments are synced with your OrderCounter POS and wait-staff is notified with every add-on order.

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Easy Menu Management

PayLink offers a user-friendly backoffice that won't take up your time for simple menu modifications.

Menu management makes it is easy to edit, add, and update your items, modifiers, and categories on your menu. It’s easy to upload photos (or choose from our image library), customize item descriptions and make real-time menu changes.

Make the ordering process a breeze by making sure your customers can easily modify their orders to their exact liking and add special instructions to each item they order (easy on the mayo please).

Upsell by presenting an inviting menu with images. Customize and promote your brand by uploading your logo, adding your color scheme, and even by adding a background image. Your changes update immediately on your ordering site. 

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Dine-In Ordering

Customers can use their mobile device to view your digital menu, order and pay contactless.
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  • Dine-In Ordering

QR code order and pay allows customers to order from their table, patio seating, parking space, hotel room, or even poolside cabanas. When your customer completes their order the location associated with the with the QR code (i.e. Patio1) is transmitted to your staff alongside the order.

  • Add POS Integration

Orders placed on the customer’s mobile device are automatically added to the guest check in the POS system and fired to the bar or kitchen.

  • Approval Queue

Orders can be sent to an approval queue to be reviewed by wait-staff before being fired to the kitchen or bar (i.e. check ID on alcohol purchases)

  • Add More Items to Existing Check

Customers can start an order or link to an existing check on their own, or waitstaff can send the customer a link at check-in or when taking their order.

  • Standalone Mode

PayLink can be used as a standalone contactless ordering. mobile checkout and contactless payment solution for merchants who don’t use a POS system.

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Curbside Pickup

Offer customers peace-of-mind with Curbside pickup.

The checkout process is simple and does not require your customers to download an app to place an order. The pickup process is convenient. It allows customers to choose a pickup time and pickup method. The Curbside Pickup option simplifies the pickup process for employees and minimizes order delivery errors.

Once the order has been placed, the customer receives a text message with a link to their receipt. Once the customer arrives, they will notify you by clicking the link they received and tapping I’m Here. Merchants can customize their curbside pickup instructions to better suit their unique needs. Instructions appear on the order confirmation page and in the SMS text message receipt sent to the customer. Once the customer has arrived, they can also enter a description of their vehicle or some other way to be identified for their curbside pickup order.

Customer Engagement

Connect with all your customers with digital promotions, loyalty, and customer feedback ratings. 
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  • Digital Receipts

Improve hygiene and digitally connect with guests by sending COVID-friendly digital receipts via text message.

  • Digital Promotions

Encourage customers to engage with your business and purchase more often by adding interactive promotions to your digital receipts. Advertise your Happy Hour, daily deals and times.

  • Built-In Loyalty

Keep your customers engaged and coming back with built-in loyalty. Customers automatically earn points when they make purchases. The built-in loyalty program automatically rewards guests and lets customers track points toward their next reward.


Retrieve check, split, tip, pay and leave without waitstaff assistance. 

Customers have the ability to add gratuity when they check out. Tipping servers while checking out is an easy process handled directly from the convenience of your customers’ smartphones.

Let customers take charge of their own orders, modify, add more items, and pay when they’re ready. Alleviating some work duties for staff allows servers to focus on providing attentive customer service and concentrate on waiting their assigned table area.

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PayLink Payments

Choose your preferred PayLink checkout method: mobile checkout, kiosk pay, or pay-at-the-table.
  • Mobile Checkout

Customers can retrieve their check from their mobile device, split, tip, and pay, without wait staff assistance.

  • Kiosk Pay

Turn an inexpensive wireless EMV payment device into your PayLink self-checkout kiosk. 

  • Pay-at-the-Table

Take traditional and contactless payments tableside from an all-in-one wireless device integrated with your POS system. 

Customer Feedback

Guests are prompted to complete a quick survey after checkout on the wireless pay at the table device or their PayLink digital receipt.

Customers can now rate their experience directly from their digital receipt. Hear feedback directly from your customers and respond to feedback in real time to avoid negative online reviews and achieve positive outcomes.

With guest-rating feedback, you can monitor your staff’s performance. Surveys can be customized to gather feedback on what’s important to you.

Survey responses are reportable based on any criteria you choose (i.e. wait staff scoring, meal quality, overall experience, etc.). Ratings can be used for quality control of wait-staff similar to how ride sharing companies use ratings for quality control of drivers.

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Ready to Start Your Mobile Ordering Account for Free?

Set up your business with PayLink Mobile Ordering today, and start offering contactless solutions while reaping all the benefits. We will help you build your mobile ordering POS solution the way your business operates. Select mobile ordering only, add table-side services, or pair it with OrderCounter POS system. All PayLink compatible devices sync and work together. Add more devices any time. PayLink Mobile Ordering works for restaurant, retail and service businesses. Order directly online or talk to us about your ideal device and plan options. 
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JaimePOS offers the best credit card processing rates, affordable POS solutions, the best-in-class point-of-sale systems and terminals along with unmatched customer service.
JaimePOS is one of the very few Dealers who supports what they sell and continue to serve even after your hardware is old and might be in need of change. JaimePOS offers tons of ways to help you update old hardware and software from low to zero cost to you.
JaimePOS will beat your current processing rates and will also keep your rates the same. Yes, this means they won’t be sneakily raised over time.
 If you need help choosing a point-of-sale solution that will meet your business’s needs, then give us a call or send a text, (909) 395-7313, and we will gladly match the best-suited POS solution for your business type.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No. There is no application to download, no registration form and no password to remember.
Yes. PayLink comes with built-in promotions, which allows you to send interactive promotions through your digital receipts. Advertise your happy hours, weekly deals, specials, and send coupons. 
Your digital menu is accessible through a simple scan of your PayLink QR code. Your customers can order prior to picking up. Customers also have the option to order through your mobile app while dining in. The mobile checkout allows customers to split, tip, and pay.
JaimePOS will program your menu for free at the time of setup. Adding, changing, editing items, and uploading photos is a breeze. Upload your own menu photos or choose from our image library. All menu changes are uploaded in real-time. 

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