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POS System Vs Cash Register

POS system vs cash register

Many people still wonder if a POS system is better than using a cash register. My simple answer is yes. Covid-19 played a huge part in the point-of-sale technology world and emerged new ways to contactless shop, pay, and pick-up your orders. With technology changing on a day-to-day basis, it is less complicated to stay relevant and connected with technology by your side.
Sure, a cash register will do its job to manage sales and provide basic sales reporting. But a cash register is far too antiquated and only works if standing in front of it. Unlike a cash register, a POS system offers features to organize and track inventory, manage employees, grow your customer base, create table layouts, easily change menu pricing hours, accept QR code ordering and payments, take online orders and so much more. It’s hard to offer any of these features with a basic sales computing cash register. Meaning you cannot run your business from anywhere else and keeps you glued to the store. A POS system will identify losses, give insight to the most popular items and report crucial business data.
Unsure of which POS system will suite your business the best? Then contact JaimePOS and we will list the POS systems perks, included features, as well as pricing comparison so that you can make the best educated choice.

  • POS systems: Best for most small or big businesses.
  • Cash registers: Suitable for temporary, low-volume sellers, or cash only sellers.
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