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The POYNT smart terminal brings the unlimited versatility of a mobile device to a future-proof payment terminal for all kinds of businesses. Take orders and accept all payments easier, faster, and smarter. The POYNT HQ dashboard makes running your business from anywhere a breeze. POYNT allows you to track inventory, manage employees, grow your customer base, manage your orders, send digital receipts, and more. Ramp up your POYNT Smart Terminal with the best-in-class POS apps.

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JaimePOS offers the best credit card processing rates, affordable POS solutions, the best-in-class point-of-sale systems and terminals along with unmatched customer service.
Unlike other dealers, JaimePOS is one of the very few who supports what we sell and continue to serve even after your hardware is old and might be in need of change. JaimePOS offers tons of ways to help you update old hardware and software from zero to low cost to you.
Has your bank been increasing your rates every year? JaimePOS will beat your current processing rates and will also keep your rates the same. Yes, this means they won’t be sneakily raised over time.
 If you need help choosing a point-of-sale solution that will meet your business’s needs, then give us a call or send a text, (909) 395-7313, and we will gladly match the best-suited POS solution for your business type.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. You can manage your HQ Dashboard from anywhere at any time you have internet connection. 
Click Here to Sign into POYNT Dashboard.
  • Chat with POYNT support by Selecting ‘Support’ at (Available 24/7)
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Text POYNT at (650) 646-7350
  • Call POYNT at (855) 398-0833
No. Some of the apps are free and others charge a monthly fee. Many of the apps that come with a monthly fee offer trial periods. 
  • Lift the latch on the printer compartment
  • Insert unwrapped roll of paper with the end of the roll facing downwards.
You can connect your POYNT smart terminal to internet using WiFi or an ethernet connection.  

WiFi Connection:

  • Access swipe down menu by swiping down from the top of the screen
  • Select WiFi icon
  • Select your preferred secured WiFi network
  • Lift the latch on the printer compartment
  • Enter password and click Connect

Ethernet Connection:

  • To use ethernet connection, you must connect the ethernet cable to the base station and have Poynt device cradled
  • General cleaning:

    DO NOT spray cleaning solution on the device directly.  Spray on a cloth before wiping down the device. Microfiber cloths are good, but any soft, lint-free cloth can work. Use a dry cloth for more sensitive areas on the terminal.  Avoid getting moisture between the cover glass and plastic housing.
  • Disinfecting:

    Whether you’re using a throwaway wipe or reusable cloth, make sure it isn’t so moist it can leave drops of liquid on a surface. It should be moist, but wring it first if the wetness is excessive. Use disposable, disinfectant wipes specifically for electronic devices, or a soft cloth sprayed with disinfectant cleaning spray for electronics. Do not spray directly onto the terminal.  If using wipes, make sure the isopropyl alcohol content isn’t above 70%.
  • Cleaning the card slot:

    Openings such as the card slots, should not have moisture exposure as this might seep into the internal machinery and damage it. Use a ‘cleaning card’ made specifically for card readers.
Virtual Terminal allows you to process payments when you don’t have access to your Poynt device. 
At this point, Virtual Terminal is available as a feature of the the Advanced and Premium plans. You can access Virtual Terminal from your either your Poynt HQ account on web or mobile app. 
View the video or read below for step by step instructions.

To access Virtual Terminal on Poynt HQ

  • Log into Poynt HQ
  • click on the Virtual Terminal link on the left hand side menu
  • You will see the Virtual Terminal button next to your active terminals. Click Virtual Terminal
  • Select Card Not present or Card present button (NOTE: Card Not Present rates will apply on these transactions.)
  • Enter the credit card information on the next screen and charge. (These transactions will be part of your regular settlements and will show up in your Transactions List.)

To access Virtual Terminal on Mobile App

  • Go to More on the Home Screen of Mobile HQ app
  • Click on Terminals and choose the Terminal to associate the transaction with
  • Tap on Card Entry
  • Choose “Card Not Present” (NOTE: Card Not Present rates will apply on these transactions.)
  • Choose type of Transaction and enter in credit card info.
  • Tap Charge once information is entered in. (These transactions will be part of your regular settlements and will show up in your Transactions list.)

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