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Hisense HK950


Hisense HK950 Windows 10 IoT Value

Fanless POS Terminal Designed For Optimum Performance and Dependability

Hisense Terminal HK570


Hisense Terminal HK570 - Windows 10 IoT Ent. LTSB

Hisense Touch Terminal HK950S

Hisense Touch Terminal HK950S - Win 10 IoT 2019 LTSC

HK950S Integrated LCD Touch Screen Terminal

Posiflex RT2000 Series Stylish Slim Terminal

Posiflex 15",ProCap, J1900-2.42GHz,4G,64GSSD, No O/S

Posiflex RT5000 Series Stylish Slim Terminal

Posiflex RT Series 15" PCAP,i5-3.0G,128G SSD,8G RAM,Win10IOT[64b],w/USB Ext. Hub

Posiflex XT3815 Foldable Terminal

Posiflex XT3815,15",Intel J1900 2.0 Ghz,4G Ram,128GB SSD,Win10iOT(64bit), LTSC

Posiflex XT3915 Foldable Terminal

Posiflex,FanFree 15" LCD,Cel J1900-2GHz,4G RAM, 128G SSD,No O/S,Resistive w/Bezel Processor: Intel® Celeron™ J1900 RAM: 4GB Storage: 128 GB SSD MSR: Purchased Separately Operating System: No Operating System Color: Black/Gray Added Features:

Posiflex XT5315 Foldable Terminal

Posiflex 15" AIO,i3-2.4G,4G RAM,Win7-64bit,ProCap

Ultra-Compact Fully Adjustable EPOS AU240-4W10-MSR-SSD

Aures,Nino II AIO,14"PCT, J1900-1.99G,4G RAM,128G SSD,WiniOT-64 bit,MSR,black
  • SCREEN SIZE: 14"
  • Processor: J1900
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 128GB SSD
  • Operating System: Windows 10 IoT
  • MSR: Included
  • Color: Black/Gray
  • Added Features: