OrderCounter POS Station

How Does JaimePOS Quality Your Business to Start with a Fully Equipped POS Station With No Money Out Of Your Pocket?

JaimePOS understands the struggles of starting a new business and is aware of all the expenses that come along with launching/opening your own business. JaimePOS also understands those stuck with bad contracts, high rates that keep escalating, and those in extreme need to switch from their current processor. Therefore, JaimePOS extends a lending hand to your business. We want to help your business succeed, grow and expand -- and this is why your business qualifies for the Get Started for Free Program.

The process is simple and fast.

1.) We will need a current processing statement (unless your business is new and has never accepted credit cards before).
2.) Fill out your information below or fill out the Preliminary Application to get done faster.
3.) Sign up with JaimePOS.
4.) Get your POS terminal installed.
5.) Enjoy your reliable new point-of-sale terminal and monthly savings on your low rates.

J JaimePOS A leading POS Provider

No sneaky clauses. No hard-to-read fine print.

Get Started for Free Program requires a *3-year Merchant Agreement. *3-year Merchant Agreement - You will be on a 3-year processing agreement. Agreement nulled if the business closes down/is sold. Your rates will remain the same. This is also part of JaimePOS's *honesty promise.
*Honesty Promise - JaimePOS takes pride in offering low credit card processing rates and also values the importance of keeping your rates the same -- not increasing or adding other fees with time. Honest rates are our promise to you and your business.

Fill out your information below and someone will contact you shortly. You can also call or send a text, 909.395.7313, to chat more and answer any questions you may have.

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OrderCounter POS Station



The OrderCounter POS Station includes new hardware: HD display, PAXs300 PIN Pad, thermal printer, cash drawer, and OrderCounter Software. It also includes free setup, free menu programming, free installation, and free training.


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