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The multi-directional scanner comes with connection cable.

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The POS+ Barcode Scanner will let you make sales more effectively, saving you time and work. Your cashiers will be more efficient, and your customers will be happy with a quicker checkout experience. The handheld barcode scanner that comes with the NRS POS works seamlessly with the rest of the system and is an important tool that will help you modernize your business.

Create barcodes (PLUs) for in-store items, and other products that don’t come with barcodes, so you can manage every part of your inventory. If a price scans incorrectly, you can instantly change the item information from the POS+ System.

Instead of entering a product’s number, you only have to scan the item. Products from major brands already come with a scannable barcode on the packaging. As a bonus, POS+ system comes with 100,000’s of products that are already in the system.


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