SwipeSimple, An Easy-to-Use Payment Solution for Small Businesses.

SwipeSimple is the best way for small businesses to accept credit cards when running a business. Every SwipeSimple account comes with powerful tools and valuable insights. Particularly, SwipeSimple Dashboard lets you manage your business at any time from any computer or mobile device. The included dashboard provides transaction data and reporting for effective business management.

Most importantly, your business can now accept credit cards without any special equipment. You can use SwipeSimple Payments on any iOS or Android device, or any web browser.

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Start taking credit card payments right on your computer, tablet, or phone, and pair your SwipeSimple with the lowest processing rates.

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Accept All Credit Cards and Contactless Payments Anywhere Your Business Takes You.

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Manage and grow your business better.

√ Track your inventory and best sellers in real time.

√ Track your inventory and best sellers. 

√ Automatically syncs to the cloud.

√ Get custom reports of top-selling items.

SwipeSimple Inventory
Item Modifiers

Make order modifications quick and easy.

Save time and ring up customized orders faster.

√ Automatically adjust item prices based on every modification. No mental math required.

Consolidate inventory and sales reports for more accurate bookkeeping.


Offer customers more tipping options

Set custom tip amounts ($ or %).

Send receipts with tip via email or text.

Turn tips on or off anytime.

√ Easy tip management tools

Swipesimple tips
Swipesimple discount

Offer sales and discounts easily.

Simplify sales with preset discounts.

Offer discounts on individual products.

Name your promotions to boost marketing.

Print special offers on your receipts.

Easily create discounts, sales and promotions.


Get automatic notifications when you need them.

Every time you make a sale.

When inventory runs low.

swipesimple alerts
Swipesimple manage customers
Save Customer Information

Deliver a superior customer experience.

√ Track customer purchase history.

Save customer contact info in one convenient place.

Keep customer cards on file to bill over the phone or bill in advance.

Streamline your marketing and sales efforts.


Save time with reporting tools.

Track employee sales and tips.

Create custom reports on demand.

Customize reports for any time period.

Track & improve performance.

Export reports compatible with QuickBooks, Excel, and other tools.

Swipesimple reporting
Swipesimple scheduled payments
Scheduled Payments

Make payments more convenient.

Schedule future payments.

Keep customer cards on file.

Offer installment payments on big-ticket products or services.

Simplify repeat services with automatically recurring subscriptions.


Send invoices and track payments in real time.

Send invoices instantly via email or SMS text message

Customize invoices with your company colors and logo.

Offer customers secure online payment links.

Track invoice history and send payment reminders.

Swipesimple reporting
Swipesimple scheduled payments
Payment Links

Accept online payments for anything you sell.

Sell on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter — anywhere you can paste a link.

Send Payment Links via email or text.

Put "Buy Now" buttons on your website.

No special software or plugins needed.

Easily create and share payment links.

Special Offer for ALL New Merchants

Get a FREE EMV/NFC Credit Card Terminal plus the lowest integrated payment processing rates. JaimePOS will also provide free programming, free installation, and free training.

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Why choose JaimePOS over anyone else?

JaimePOS offers the best credit card processing rates, affordable POS solutions, the best-in-class point-of-sale systems and terminals along with unmatched customer service.
Moreover, JaimePOS offers tons of ways to help you update old hardware and software from zero to low cost to you. Therefore, even offers the old POS Swap Program. Switch to JaimePOS now and start saving money on your credit card processing rates. Most importantly, our mission is to provide merchants with fair, honest rates that will not be sneakily increased over time.
 If you’re ready to save money and/or need help choosing a point-of-sale solution that will meet your business’s needs, then give us a call or send a text, (909) 395-7313, and we will gladly provide a tailored POS solution suited for your business type.



We use DUKPT with Triple DES encryption and we are a PCI Level 2 compliant service provider.
Yes. As a cloud-based solution, SwipeSimple accounts are synced and update real-time across all devices as well as the SwipeSimple Dashboard. Access reports and account details at any time. You will never have to wait until end-of-day.
No. All billing for the SwipeSimple software and your merchant account will be handled by JaimePOS, your trusted Merchant Service Provider.
Yes. For SwipeSimple accounts with multiple merchant accounts, an Admin user can change the selected Merchant Account from the Settings page.
Just tap Merchant Account to see a list of available Merchant Accounts, then select the account you want to use.
SwipeSimple has Offline Mode that can be used if you are not able to get to a WiFi or cellular data connection. Offline Mode enables capturing swiped or keyed payments without an internet connection that will be processed the next time WiFi or cellular data is available.

Important notes

Offline Mode is not compatible with dip (EMV) or tap (NFC) transactions.
You can set a maximum amount for offline transactions when Offline Mode is enabled. This might be a good idea, since offline transactions are more risky than online transactions. Transactions taken in Offline Mode are not approved or declined until network connectivity is re-established.
Transactions captured offline are saved until connectivity is regained and will automatically process when the mobile device goes back online and the app is opened. Only a maximum of 50 transactions can be saved.
If you are offline and have taken transactions in Offline Mode, you will see a Pending Transactions tab in the main menu. Once you are back online and the transactions have processed, this will disappear.
Offline transactions expire 30 days after capture if they are not processed.
Yes. User roles determine the level of access each user has on a SwipeSimple account. Member users can only view their own transactions, accept payments, and process voids.

Admin users

Have access to all account details including reports, account settings, and transactions run by all users. Admin users will also be able to run transactions, refunds, and voids.

Member users

Only have access to their own transactions and can be assigned to specific merchant accounts. Member users can only process transactions and void items in their personal history.

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